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Miscellaneous Groups in Australia and Oceania

Miscellaneous Groups in Australia and Oceania


Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA)

Flag of Bougainville

Improvised armored vehicle made from a tractor and scrap metal.

World War 2 era Japanese Type 96 anti-aircraft gun. Fired 25mm rounds.

World War 2 era US made M1919 .30 caliber machine gun.

Bougainville is now part of the Solomon Islands.
Historically and ethnically linked to the people of the Solomon Islands

An Australian subsidiary of a British owned mining company on Bougainville making millions in profit and polluting the environment.
The inhabitants of Bougainville eventually rebelled and destroyed the Panguna mine. The people of Bougainville used old parts and scrap from the Panguna mine to create hydroelectric pumps, housing, weapons, etc.
Australia sent trainers to help the PNGDF put down the rebellion. Australia also sold Papua New Guinea weapons and helicopters. The Australian government even relaxed certain Australian laws allowing Australian pilots to fly the helicopters they sold to Papua New Guinea.
Papua New Guinea  blockaded the area around Bougainville. The BRA had to smuggle certain supplies from the Solomon islands.
PNGDF soldiers became disillusioned with the conflict.
The government of Papua New Guinea hired mercenaries from a group called Sandline International to try to deal with the BRA. The soldiers in the PNGDF rebelled and arrested the mercenaries and kicked them out of the country.

The BRA used fermented coconut oil for fuel.
Used coconut oil to clean firearms.
Initially only had bows and arrows to fight with.
Used many improvised weapons.
Used World War 2 era weapons found in the jungle.

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