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Miscellaneous European Groups

Miscellaneous European Groups

November 17

Revolutionary Organization 17 November
Also called 17N or N17
Anti-imperialist. Anti-capitalist. Against NATO forces in Greece and Greece being a NATO member. Marxist.
Active 1975-2002?
Shot up and killed a CIA station chief in Athens, Greece
Killed the deputy chief of the U.S. military assistance mission in Greece.
Killed the U.S. defense attache with a car bomb. The attache was a U.S. Navy captain.
1988- Stole anti-tank rockets from a Greek armory.
1994- Failed rocket attack on the British aircraft carrier the HMS Ark Royal while it was in port in Piraeus, Greece.
1996- Attack on U.S. embassy. No injuries.

Revolutionary Struggle
Epanastatikos Agonas (EA)
12 JAN 2007- Rocket attack on the U.S. embassy in Athens, Greece. Minor damage. Done with RPG-7 or Wasp 58?
14 MAR 2004- Bomb found in backpack outside of a Citibank. Controlled explosion by police. No injuries.

Revolutionary Sect

Sect of Revolutionaries
Sechta ton Epanastaton
2009 killing of a Greek anti-terrorist police officer.
2010 killing of a Greek investigative journalist.

Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei
Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei
Synomosia Pyrinon tis Fotias (SPF)
Anarchist group
Suspected of numerous arson attacks.
Mail bombs
Time bombs

Cellules Communistes Combattantes (CCC)

Rotte Armee Fraktion (RAF)
Ref Army Faction
Also called the Baader-Meinhof group

Revolutionäre Zellen (RZ)
Revolutionary Cells

Terra Lliure

Sought independence for the Catalan region of Spain.
No longer active.

Resistencia Galega
Sought independence for the Galicia region of Spain
No Longer active

Partido Marxista Leninista Reconstruccion Comunista

Armee Revolutionnaire Bretonne (ARB)

The ARB sought the independence of Brittany from France.
No longer active.
Titane 30 dynamite used by ARB in at least one attack.

Front de Liberation de la Bretagne (FLB)

No Longer active

Clandestini Corsi

Free Wales Army

Separatist group in Wales seeking independence from England.
Made own uniforms.
No Longer active.

Cornish National Liberation Army
The Cornish National Liberation Army is no longer active.
Separatist group in Cornwall seeking independence from England

Ethnic Greek guerrilla fighters on the island of Cyprus.
Fought for independence from British control.

Brigate Rosse
Red Brigades

Action Directe

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