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Miscellaneous Groups in Asia

Miscellaneous Groups in Asia

The Taliban

Communist Party of Nepal

Communist Part of Nepal (CPN)
Former militant group now a legitimate political party.
Declared Peoples War in 1996
Also initiated protests and strikes during the civil war.
Agreed to lay down arms and participate in elections in 2006.
L1A1 rifles

Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (GAM)
Free Aceh Movement

Free Aceh Movement
RPG-2 or copy
RPK machine guns
Pindad SS1 assault rifles

After the 2004 Tsunami the government of Indonesia and the GAM have peace accords.

Free Papua Movement

FALINTIL military wing
FRETILIN- political wing

Fought for independence for East Timor from Indonesia.
East Timor won independence from Indonesia in  2002

Japanese Red Army

The Japanese Revolutionary Communist League-National Committee
Also known as the "Middle Core Faction" (Chukaku-Ha)
The armed wing of the JRCL is known as the Peoples Revolutionary Army

Kakurokyo (Sekisaisha-ha)

Sekisaisha-ha (Kimoto-ha)

Viet Cong

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