Tuesday, December 24, 2013



Fronte di Liberazione Naziunale Corsu (FLNC)

The FLNC (Fronte di Linerazione Naziunale Corsu) or the National Liberation Front of Corsica.
Used connections to the Corsican mafia and black market smugglers to acquire weapons.
Swiss made AT84 pistols
Jericho pistols
Plastic Explosives
M-16 style assault rifles
AK-47 style assault rifles
Shotguns of various makes and models
Colt Commando carbines
Uzi sub-machine guns
MAT-49 sub-machine guns
Steyr AUG assault rifles
Galil assault rifles
.30 cal machine guns
RPG-18 (or similar) rocket launchers
Yugoslavian M57 anti-tank rocket launchers
Limited night vision equipment

Nuits Bleues (“Blue Nights”)- A quick series of sabotage and arson attacks over the course of one night.

Arson and bombing attacks against French occupation forces and foreign targets on the island.
Bombings in France.
1999 Assassination of the French Prefect of Corsica.

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